Starting the Morning Off Right: Single Mom Style

Goodmorning guys! Today is the first day since Tuesday morning that my little has been home from her dad's house. Being a single mama means sharing time with Naomi's dad, and inevitable spending the time I do get with her trying to juggle the responsibilities of two parents. My old blog entered around the lifestyle of a stay at home mamma, and since the change I've been trying to muster the gumption to write again. I've missed blogging so much and even though I set up a completely new blog, the daunting task of building it up has been overwhelming to me. It's funny how we let the idea of how hard something is stop us before we've even begun right? A downfall to the obvious asset that is the ability of thought.

Well screw that. I'm still here, I still have lots of things to say, and even though my last blog didn't end up being a project I felt was something I wanted to continue, I learned so dang much from the process of creating and maintaining it a couple years ago, though I'll admit a ton of it left my brain over the course of time, which is part of my insecurity in tackling this project again. This morning I woke up to classic Oregon weather, rainy skies and gray vibes, my absolute favourite type of day to sit down and write a blog post. Something about the dank darkness makes me feel extra safe and content closed up in our sweet little cottage.

As a single mama mornings are a bit more complicated than if I had a parenting partner. While we're trying to work towards not co-sleeping any more, this morning Naomi and I woke up cozied up in my bed. She was wide away far before I was, and our customary cuddles with the dog were done in the dark. He knows he gets about 2 minutes of bed time every morning, 5 if he is lucky and he uses this to squish his huge black lab, 90 plus lb self, inbetween Naomi and I. Starting the morning off with a good snuggle session is always ideal, there's nothing like going into the day knowing you're absolutely adored by two of the cutest littles in the world.

After cuddles I flip on the light and say "Ok! Let's get up!" Naomi jumps out of bed and heads to the bathroom while I let the dog out, feeding him a scoop of his fishy smelling food. We had to switch him to a fish protein as the cheaper dog food I was previously feeding him had chicken. The gal at the pet store said over time the chicken protein builds up and isn't processed properly. All I know is his coat has never been so shiny, he looks like a sleek baby seal since switching his eats last year. It's so worth the extra few bucks to know Hidoogen has the food that will keep him looking and feeling his best, old guy is almost 11 now!

I head into N's room to grab her some clothes. We meet in the living room and I put on a episode of Bare Bears for her before dressing her, and heading into the kitchen to cook breakfast. Usually I grab her something quick like a bagel, or granola or something before I cook, since she tends to want something right away. For breakfast this morning she had granola, then I started cooking with a purple potato, and built a yummy scrabble around that for breakfast tacos. I found some wilted spinach that were a result of my not rolling the top of the bag down properly, and threw in some cilantro with the four eggs and the potato.

In my opinion, the first hour of the day can make or break you. It's so easy to get up and feel overwhelmed at the massive load of tasks before you as a mama, especially if like me, you gotta do it all. When I put emphasis on making my mornings easier before I go to bed the night before, it creates a much more stable platform to start the day off on a good note. Even if it's something as little as picking up your kiddos toys and straightening pillows like I did last night, it's nice to not have to deal with a mess literally underfoot right when you wake up.

Especially as mothers it's easy to discount our own feeling of being cared for, especially by ourselves. I find on the days I dress myself before N, and make sure I get a good bite to eat and a moment to just stop and simply enjoy the morning, the following day is much more productive. I have to create the time for myself to come up with a game plan, it's such a better alternative to the fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants method that I usually resort to when I don't feel I have time.

Time is so malleable when we really thing about it, and go out of our way to make it such. Yes, there are scheduled things for all of us that we simply cannot get around, but when we plan the time to go slow, to make sure we have everything we feel we need, we complete a huge part of self care that is often missed or not given enough attention. Today we don't have anything on the docket besides cleaning and a couple phone calls, paying bills, though this hasn't stopped me from attacking similar days at frenzied paces.

Today I put emphasis on enjoying the moment. On spending time making sure my babies know I love them, on smiling at them and sharing a giggle or two. The most vital and important skill I've learned as a adult is balancing the things I give importance to in my life, and finding ways to reflect that in the amounts of time and energy I spend on them. I'm so glad to be back to writing, seeing the words lined up before me in tidy representations of scattered trains of thought gives me satisfaction that's been missing from my existence for a while.

Thank you for reading this blog post, I hope you gleaned a little something from it, if that only be the feeling of closeness and unity in going at this parenting/life thing knowing someone else experiences the same things.

Signing off with a new name,